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Counselling: what and how

The type of counselling that I provide is based on a pluralistic practice. This means that it is completely tailored to you and your specific,unique needs. It also means that you are involved in each step of the process,in a collaborative experience.

How can it help? I offer a safe and confidential space for you to explore a wide range of topics and help you work through challenges, life milestones and transfer in a empowering, non judgmental space

Who is it for? Parents, parents to be, anyone wanting to break the cycles of parenting and understand how they’ve been parented affects they present experience.

Image by Rosy from Pixabay
Image by Rosy from Pixabay

What kind of topics? Everyone will have their own needs and is welcome. Here’s a list of examples

📌 Understanding and challenging patterns

📌Challenges at home or with parenthood

📌Challenges in relationships

📌Gaining a new understanding of the self after parenthood

📌Understanding and breaking cycles

📌Feeling uncertain, unfulfilled

📌Anxiety about parenthood, birth,dealing with children

📌Reparenting yourself

📌Prenatal: preparation to parenthood

How much does it cost? £40 per sessions. Some pro bono or discounted sessions are offered,so please contact me if finances are an issue

How long will it take? In short, as long as you need! We will review your progress and your goals regularly

Can I bring my baby? Yes, for infants and babies up to 3 months at the start of your journey until they are mobile. I know It will be up to you to assess whether you’ll be able to focus and freely share in front of your baby.

What are my options? I can provide therapy online or face to face, in French or in English.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Email me here to book your initial consultation